Why is this being done over two days?

While most BlytheCons are normally held as a one day main event and an afternoon pre-meet the day before, we thought it would be fun to have things spread out over several parts and days. This way, vendors can join the fun and we all can have more time to socialize and see the dolls we love so much. We hope you will enjoy this relaxed pace.

What is the Gala?

The Gala is the big event of the entire convention — apart from shopping the vendor booths of course! At the Gala, we will be holding the contests and awarding prizes/donations on a stage so that everyone can see and hear while sitting comfortably at their table. We will be serving hors d’oeuvres (vegan/gf too!) and drinks as you listen to songs old and new, surrounded by decor fitting of the Great Gatsby’s parties. Our DJ, Party Hits Music, has a reputation for a swinging dance floor, so bring your dance shoes as we will dance the night away. Goodie bags will also be given out at the Gala event, so this is the part of the convention you definitely do NOT want to miss.

Do I need to dress up for the Gala?

We definitely would LOVE it if everyone would get into the spirit of the theme and dress up. Flapper dresses, drop waist dresses, cloches, fascinators, zoot suits, fedoras, and the like. It creates a fun atmosphere and helps us to really feel that we are attending one of the notorious Great Gatsby’s parties. We do understand that not everyone will enjoy dressing up. We are happy to have you join us no matter what you wear. (as long as it is legal!) We just want you to join us have fun.

Is the registration fee reduced for children? Are children allowed to attend?

There is no reduced registration available for children. Children the age of 12 and over are allowed to attend with a purchased registration.

What is the registration cap?

Full attendance is capped at 225 attendees. This number includes our volunteers and vendors.

Can I donate and where do I send my donations?

We definitely would love you to donate to our goodie bags and prizes. We need 225 items total for the goodie bags. We thank you for considering us!

BlytheCon MPLS
c/o Christin Davies
3219 Georgia Ave N
Crystal, MN 55427

Do I need to stay at the Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport Mall of America Hotel?

No. We do have to meet a minimum number of hotel rooms booked in order to keep our price on our venue space and it is certainly easier to attend the events if you don’t have to take a taxi back and forth. We think this hotel, which was recently fully renovated, is really beautiful and clean. It has free shuttle service to and from the airport (both terminals) and Mall of America. It is also on the Metro Transit Light Rail line that can take you directly to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. We hope you will find the hotel to your liking and to be the most convenient place to stay during your time at BlytheCon.

Are the organizers making a profit from the event?

Every effort will be made to spend as much money on the convention event (decor, food, beverages, prizes) as is possible. It is possible that some deposit money will not be returned to the organizers until after the event, and in that case, if the organizer cannot use their own money to cover those deposits, then those funds would be used to make a donation.

What happens to any money left over after the convention?

All funds in excess of the cost of running the convention will be donated to the Minnesota Wildlife Refuge.

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